Winter Swim Challenge

Winter Swim Challenge 2022/23 – It is coming to the point in the year where you decide whether you are going to continue swimming through winter and if you are, whether to do a winter swim challenge to help you to stay motivated. Find the craic here on our Facebook page.

Winter swim challenge 2022/23

The 2022/23 winter season tickets are now up for grabs. In other words it’s time to secure your place. Do this as soon as you can.

This year there are four options to choose from which are:

Pi;e on
Pile on
  1. THE ORIGINAL – swimming or dipping in any open water in your swimsuit or shorts between 01/11/22 until 31/03/23.
  2. THE MIXED BAG – as per THE ORIGINAL but you can also do cold showers, ice baths or similar.
  3. ALL WETSUITS – swimming or dipping in any open water in a wetsuit between 01/11/22 and 31/03/23.
  4. THE ULTIMATE – 365 days of swimming or dipping in any open water in your swimsuit or shorts – this one is a hardcore challenge and is at the request of Chatter Tribe members who wish to push themselves further.


Furthermore, you will be supported throughout whichever option you choose via the Facebook page with daily dipdates for you to comment or add your photos. Follow us on Instagram too.

If you haven’t already, join our Chatter Challenge today.

We look forward to you joining us this winter!

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