"I am so proud to be a part of this tribe. Thanks to everyone for making it all so fun. Let’s make next year even more amazing. Thank you so much to our chatter goddess, Jacqui. You’ve made something totally fantastic come alive for all of us. Thank you to everyone for playing full out, for being awesome and showing true community spirit through this mad, mad winter. Here’s to the #chattertribe, warm weather dipping and of course the next winter Chatter Challenge.  I CAN’T WAIT"

Estelle Z-M (49)

"Thank you, Jacqui for doing this wonderful challenge. You have helped a lot of people. Me included! It has got me through so much! The Chatter Challenge saw me through a winter of discontent! I loved the impetus to get myself into the water in the winter, in my skins. I didn’t believe that I could do it until I could and now know I can. 
I’m so grateful and I’ve just signed up to swim the channel and back because of the confidence this has given me. Wish me luck!!!"

Gemma S (40)

"I have never enjoyed a 'sporting challenge' as much as this one. Dipping has given me a better way of life now. I love taking my body board out when the waves are boshy! Thank you so much to all the Chatterers for keeping me motivated along the way! I never thought that I would swim as often as I did throughout winter.  I set out to achieve the gold award but then realised that platinum was within reach so just went for it and GOT IT!"

Mandy P (56)

"Paul and I started dipping together and laughing constantly then joined in with the Tribe at a different beach and am so opleased we did. We have such a laugh with all these people. I have thoroughly enjoyed the craziness, the shivers, the chatters and can't wait for next year's challenge now."

Mandy W (53)

"Thank you so much for your time, commitment and motivation. Really enjoyed the sense of community especially in lockdown. X"

Ruth L (59)

"Thank you so much for your hard work. I loved seeing everyone's photos especially when I couldn't be there to join in. Onwards and upwards."

Gillian K (68)

"Whether you follow a chart or a compass, follow the stars or swim against the tide, there is a place for you in the Chatter Tribe!"

Robert C (58)

"Well 99 is about 99 more than I expected! If you had asked me last year whether I would be going in the North Sea with just a swimming costume, gloves, boots and hat on, then the answer would have been 'absolutely not'! I am now addicted and have made new friends too. On the last dip of the Challenge, we enjoyed cake and chat with the Merpeople and my swim buddy, Mandy P. Looking forward to next year's challenge. Thanks everyone for encouraging me xx"

Ann T (56)

"Thank you so much for organising this and keeping us all going through winter. It's been an absolute ball for our first year of open water swimming and this has been the icing on the cake. Mandy W and I leapt into the final day of the Chatter Challenge feeling thrilled to have made it all the way throughbut also sad that it's come to an end. the friendships and laughter won't stop though and my little pot belly clearly needs more 'swimming'. A special 'Whoops' for my mermaid pal for the most innappropriate conversations in the sea."

Paul S (48)

"Thanks for organising the MOST good fun challenge ever!"

Sian S (ageless)

"Thank you for organising - I have loved it."

Gail M (67)

"Woop! Great challenge. Loved it! We have been motivated to keep on swimming on days where we wouldn't have gone and all beacuse of The Chatter Challenge."

Sarah T (41)

"Fab! Thanks for organising this as it's been a real delight over the winter. What a blast! Thanks to my Chatter pod!"

Will C-A (45)

"Well done to everyone. Thanks for organising and logging the dips. It has been great. Being part of this fantastic community and dipping every day has definitely helped me through the winter. I am proud to be a DIAMOND lady and even more proud to have beaten Jimmy (who still managed 80 times)."

Rachel  & Jimmy Mc (36/39)

"We were outnumbered by the ladies doing this Challenge - come on, we need more men! This Challenge was a serious load of fun, kept me on track and I am a DIAMOND bloke which I am immensely proud of. Bring on the next one!"

Rob S (73)

"Thanks for organising - swimming has been the highlight of my winter (not much competition though given lockdown!). Fantastic last swim in a beautiful calm sea today; lovely. Great to 'meet' everyone on here - happy spring and summer swimming everyone. Thanks for the brilliant certificate, hat and badge, great challenge and for all of the work :) x"

Kathryn H (48)

"This really has been the highlight of this winter.I have thoroughly enjoyed having such a laugh with the Tribe! I can't wait for next year now but will enjoy the warmer weather first!"

Sarah T (no idea)

"Well done to the Chatter Tribeat King Edwards in Tynemouth. My friend Kath and I didn't sign up to the Challenge but we have been enjoying our dips alongside all you lovely people. Enjoy your celebrations."

Tony B

"I have loved doing this Challenge and my thoughts were the same as Jacqui's with wondering how on earth I would dip over winter. I doubt that I woud have had as much focus had I not had The Challenge and The Chatter Tribe to support me and laugh with. I have encouraged my sister and some friends down to the sea too and they are gearing up to doing the next one."

Jackie W (52)

"For my final swim of the Challenge, I opted for Longsands as it was high tide and super flat. It was beautiful. Thanks Chatterers - it has been a pleasure. 89 dips for me! I am happy with that and intend to beat it next year. Thanks again for organising such a great challenge."

Christina T (38)

"Thanks so much for creating, managing and encouraging everyone throughout this challenge. Such a lovely like-minded community that has meant so much to me. Thanks to everyone for their kindness and encouragement. Double dip for my final day with speial thanks to my DIAMOND buddies. Big love to you all and I'm really going to miss the Chatter Challenge daily dipdate! The sea is a partof my daily routine now and the Challenge definitely helped on those crazy, crazy days!"

Carly C (42)

"What a fantastic challenge and thank you so much to Jacqui for organising and keeping us motivated with her daily dipdates. I have no idea what I am going to do next with all the spare time I'll have now. I might go for a swim every day! Have loved it all from the -10c wind chill days, to the sandblasting, the blistered chilblain, the ripped towbags, the beautiful spring sunshine and meeting such nice loonies along the way. It's been a blast and I definitely feel a real sense of accomplishment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Tony B (55)

"This challenge was so much fun. Thanks to all the Chatter Tribe for keeping each other going throughout winter."

Claire T (43)

"I have loved doing The Chatter Challenge and being a part of the Tribe. Normally over winter you would see perhaps six people in the water but this winter, it has been wonderfully busy with people enjoying the sea in all its moods!"

Mallory S (68)

"Thank you so much for organising! It has been an amazing opportunity to take part in something positive during this challenging time. I have absolutely loved it. Great for physical and mental health."

Nadia T (42)

"It has been such good fun and helped keep me sane during lockdown. Thank you organisers and well done all. What a blast!"

David P (58)

"We made it through! Well done all you Chatterers and a huge thanks to The Chatter Challenge! And of course, thanks to the sea gods for giving us such a lush silky swim on our last day."

Fliss A (42)

"What a glorious day for the last Chatter Challenge dip! It might be the end of this particular adventure but with enormous tanks to the Chatter Challenge - a new life-long love of outdoor swimming has been born! Thank you to everyone who has shared in this fantastic experience, but most of all to my lovely (and slightly bonkers) friend Claire, for encouraging me to join in the madness! I am converted and am looking forward to next year."

Michelle O (not telling)

"I absolutely couldn't have done it without Michelle. I have absolutely loved it. Well done fellow chatterers and a big thanks to Jacqui for organising such a fantastic challenge. I am looking forward to next year already!"

Claire W (46)

"Thank you all so much for lightening up the COVID winter. A huge thank you to you forall the organising of the Challenge. It made a massive difference to me in coping with lockdown. Hello Springtime."

Kirsten S (61)

"Final dip of the Challenge (151st for most of us) at Cullercoats this morning. Thanks so much for the idea and organising. It's been amazing! Can't wait for next year! My son Benjamin is a non-official but hooked Chatterer with 55 dips!"

Carla M (43)

"Thank you for organising the whole thing - it's been lots of fun and an amazing achievement!"

Helen J (68)

"Thanks sooo much for organising and I hope you raised plenty for the Marine Conservation peeps xx"

Jane H (54)

"A sunrise swim with fabulous friends to mark the end of The Chatter Challenge. It has been brilliant. Thanks so much for organising it as it has really kept me going through winter xx"

Fran B (48)

"I want to thank the organisers of the Chatter Challenge - loved it and it's kept me going over winter. Thank you xxxx"

Nic B (49)

"Cracking challenge; thanks for organising and well done all."

Matty W (47)

"I can't believe that I am a DIAMOND lady - thanks to everyone for their company throughout and the amazing photos. Thank you so much for the great organisation of the Chatterers. I have enjoyed every minute with my fellow swimming gang and wear my hat with pride to show that I am part of this challenge. Just to say that all my family and non-swimming friends think we are all nuts! x"

Georgie H (64)

"Let's all keep on swimming. This truly has be my way of staying sane, happy and (touch wood) healthy over winter. It's been amazing. We've been a bit chilly, cold, very cold, bloody freezing and feckin' Baltic but it's been with smiles, giggles and laughter all the way! Thank you for organising - looking forward to the sea warming up momentarility and then I'll start girding my bits for next winter! It;s been amazing. I am also grateful that you have tallied my swims as I didn't have a scoobie!!"

Helen N (51)

"Thank you so much for everything you have done to organise and administer this challenge. Absolutely loved it. What an adventure it's been through this otherwise mundane winter. Total joy. Well done to everyone for keeping this up through winter. Well done Chatter Tribe."

Rachel W (41)

"Last day of the Challenge for me tonight, supported by two DIAMOND dippers, Carly and Rachel (Wonder Women!) and an amazing fly-by of swans to top it off! Thanks to everyone involved in the Challenge. it's been so much fun and I've loved seeing everyone's dip pictures. Thanks so much to all the Chatterers. I've loved everything about this challenge and will be looking to improve my total next time for sure. Well done to you all xx"

Faye S (43)

"I really enjoyed the Challenge and being involved in this supportive community"

Luisa M (44)

"This challenge has been so much fun and  have made friends on the back of it. It is great when you see someone wearing the Chatter Tribe hat as you feel part of a special community. 

To sum the Chatter Challenge up: 

Community. Health. Action. Terrific. Time out. Energising. Relaxing. 

Caring people. Helpful. Always fun. Laughter. Love. Exciting. Nature. Generosity of Spirit. Encouragement.

Did you see what I did there?!"

Ali G (55)

"I really enjoyed this challenge and intend to do it again next year to see if I can beat my total from this year. The motivatinal dipdates were great."

Lucy B (46)

"Thanks so much. It's been a wonderful thing to do x"

Jane B (49)

"Wow. Huge congratulations to each and every one of you and total respect to the 151-ers. It's been a blast guys and I'm definitely gonna try and make it past my own goal this year! 151 selfies that is! Brilliant support and organisational skills from sdmin. Well done everyone from 1 to 151 dips - you are all winners!"

Heather S (68)

"I have been swimming in the sea for many years and this is the first winter that I have seen so many people enjoying the water over the bleak winter months.  This is all thanks to the Chatter Challenge.  I must confess that I have loved to see the competitive side of everyone coming out and have thoroughly enjoyed the crazy chatter with the tribe which is ever growing."

Malcolm F (62)

"Thank you so much for organising. This was a fab and fun incentive to dip throughout winter. The banter on social media really helped to build the Chatter community."

Lois R (52)

"Thanks so much for all your efforts in putting this together. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the challenge."

Dan B (38)

"Final dip of the challenge and I can’t quite believe it. It’s been great to have had something to keep us all going when everything else has been a bit pants. Had a few bubbles on the last dip this morning to celebrate with the Sea Fairies. Thanks so much for organising this, logging the dips and keeping us going with motivational pictures. Everyone has been amazing - roll on the celebration."

Adrienne B (33)

"I love that this is not a serious swim challenge and is all about community and having a laugh.  The fact that we raised money for charity was a total bonus."

Tyrone L (37)

"Well done Jacqui - what a mammoth task you took on and you delivered it so well... thank you so much for all your hard work. We’ve loved every single dip on this challenge ... even the ones in freezing temperatures. Strangely, they were the most fun! Today’s final dip was a beautiful swim at King Eddie’s Bay in Tynemouth. I am looking forward to the next one now!"

Maggie G (49)

"Loved this whole challenge. Thank you for all your support. It's kept me sane. Beautiful last few days. Happy and sad it's over. Thank you for organising and logging swims. Loved everyone's photos and comments and my certificate is touring the family!"

Lynn T (53)

"Thanks so so so much. Had a blast and a hoot every single day! Congratulations  to all the Chatterers. Been fun meeting you and hope to meet many more next time. Yippee to all of us! The colder it was, the funnier it was! Thanks for setting it up and I'm looking forward to it again next year with loads of my friends who thought I was mad but are interested to do it too!"

Joanne S (55)

"Well done everyone! Such fun had by all. Thank you to all of the Chatter Tribe for being so unbelievably amazing. You are all an inspiration. Looking forward to next year already."

Kerry H (43)

"Thanks for organising this and keeping all the tallies. Good work! Well done to everyone for managing to keep going through the winter. Next yeaar's challenge - to beat my total from this year!"

Kerry S (46)

"Thank you Chatter for all of your hard work in keeping a tally of the swims. Amazing challenge and well done to those of you who achieved 151 dips - dipping every single day of the challenge is very impressive. Also well done to everyone else whether you did 1 dip or 100 dips. it's been a great winter project and something to focus on when life has been less tan normal x"

Clare L (49)

"Wow - dedication right there. Unfortunately, the restrictions stopped us doing our weekly dip. Amazing results everyone x"

Joanne sadly died in April 2021 having managed her cancer diagnosis with great courage and dignity. Rebecca W (her dipping buddy) said that Joanne loved doing the Challenge and wearing the woolly hat to show her membership of the Tribe. Her testimonial is added here with pride.

Joanne M (47)

"Ridiculous fun is always welcome"

Rebecca W (53)

"Thank you for running it as it's definitely pushed me to keep swimming on days I most certainly would've bailed out on otherwise. Being part of the Chatter Challenge inspired me to keep swimming on days when it would have been much easier to stay in a warm house! We couldn't have asked for a better day for our final dip. Well done everyone. Hi-5 Sarah - my fellow dip twin! xx "

Joanne W (46)

'We all took the micky out of Jacqui at work for throwing herself in the sea but she managed to persuade me to join in her madness. I never thought that I could do this and managed twice so am very impressed with myself. I fully intend to keep going and do the Challenge again this year. I absolutely loved the craic on social media and never got to wear my beanie as my son pinched it! I can see why going in cold water is addictive (but don't tell anyone I said that!"

Stacey C (39)

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