So what’s been happening since you joined?

Just a few days now until the start of the most fun winter swim challenge and thank you to everyone who has chosen to immerse themselves in the Chatter experience this winter season. Let’s make it a good one! I am delighted to say that we have Chatterers from all over the UK this year which is really exciting – great opportunities to travel around the UK and swim in new places!

The merchandise has been ordered now that we know how many Chatterers we have (with a few extra for late sign ups). I am so excited to wear this year’s kit and ‘Chatter Spot’ which could become a new sport!

The Chatterboard will be fully reset on Monday 01/11/2021 (about 8 am) so unfortunately, any dips that you have logged until then, will be erased. This so that we can count how many you have done during the five months of the Challenge.

The Chatter Challenge works by you logging your dip on your personal Dashboard (the boring bit) then racing over to the daily dipdate on Facebook to add your photos and videos of your dip (the fun bit!). Feel free to make contact with each other and comment as much as you like – this is where we build the community. Every day, we will post some photos on Instagram too.

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