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The Original

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The Original

The Original is an open water winter swim challenge involving as many days as you can manage over winter in swimsuit or shorts.  You can also wear neoprene socks, gloves or hat.

When the Chatter Challenge was first launched in 2020, the only subscription was this one, hence why we now call it The Original.  This is a purely open water swim/dip challenge with no alternatives such as ice baths/cold showers.


Whilst The Original is open water only, there is an alternative option you may wish to consider. If you think that you may want to complete your personal challenge using ice baths or cold showers in addition to swimming in open water, then The Mixed Bag may be suitable option for you.

The Original Award Levels

Similar to the other challenges, there will be different levels of award depending on how many swims/dips you manage through the Challenge. Therefore, there will be Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond awards. We celebrate them all! The details are on the FAQ page.

Social Media

Like the other Challenge subscriptions, you are asked to check in to Facebook to post a photo or video of your daily exploits.  Chatter will put regular posts on Instagram.

Best of luck!


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