Spare Puffin Tow Float Belt/Leash

Spare Puffin Tow Float Belt/Leash


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Having a spare belt/leash for your Puffin Tow Float is a great idea.

Spare Puffin Tow Float Belt/Leash

Spare Waist Belt/Leash for Billy R20/28 Puffin Swim Floats sold on www.chatterchallenge.com

Purchase a spare here.


Firstly, use as a spare if you lose yours or has been chewed by the dog (yes it has happened!). Secondly, they may be used to extend the waist of the standard belt/leash which comes with the R20/28 tow floats.

The waist belt extends to 122cm. The leash (from the float to the waist belt) is 45cm max.

This product works with both the Billy R20 Recycled Drybag Float or the Billy R28 Drybag Float. 

Puffin Tow Float

The new recycled Tow Float Range from Puffin Swim are the first swimmer’s tow floats in the UK to be made with Recycled Plastic. (RPET).  So, purchase from the Chatter shop.

We love Recycling

When we recycle plastic helps to reduce landfill. In other words, reducing the number of new plastics being made. These quality floats have been created by swimmers and swim safety experts Swim the Lakes.

Furthermore, the RNLI recommend that any person who swims in open water should use a Tow Float for VISIBILITY.  In fact, you will notice that if you watch swimmers with a tow float that they are distinctly more visible than without. 

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