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Get your C-Monsta neoprene hanger – perfect for gloves, socks, wetsuits and swimsuits.

C-Monsta Hanger

The C-Monsta is made from recycled plastic in Scotland and is perfect for drying your neoprene socks, gloves and wetsuits to stop them becoming stinky!  In addition, have you ever put your neoprene wetsuit, gloves and socks on for a swim and the inside was cold and damp OR dried them on the radiator which reduced their lifespan?

Well, C-Monsta has arrived! It is made by a small family run business from the North of Scotland and aims to help people to look after their cold water kit; whether you are a swimmer, a SUPer or a surfer.

Days of climbing into a cold wet neoprene will come to an end. Stinking socks and gloves will be less stinky and your kit will stay together when it is drying.  The wetsuit area is just as effective to dry swim suits and shorts.

Made in the UK from Recycled Plastic

Mark from C-Monsta, explains that the product is made from recycled plastic in Scotland. They know the source of the plastic, who makes them and how they are made. When plastic is recycled and used properly it makes a great material for making long-lasting, super strong, closing the loop, awesome gnarly wetsuit, sock and glove hangers.

He ends with, “If you think you might like one, you’ll probably love it”.  I have one and confess that it really is very good hence why we sell it on the website. They are a popular buy.

We are delighted to be able to sell these on https://chatterchallenge.com/

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