Mini Swim Challenges

Swim Challenges UK

Are you ready to take part in our mini swim challenges?  They are designed for you to have fun. Although we all know cold water swimming is amazing, sometimes you need a bit of fun to get you going.

Chiefly, the main challenge is to:
* dip
* swimble
* swim
* play in the water
* body board 

In other words,  your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to take part in as many of the mini challenges as possible.

Description Of Each Challenge


Are you ready for this? Let’s do all things Baywatch! Red cossies and shorts. Best photo wins!

best sea face

We love a good ‘sea face’ that comes from a good sea slap or sea bosh so lets stick our best sea faces of the day on!

leap years day

It is only every fourth year that we are treated to a leap year so how will you celebrate today? How exciting!

sandcastle saturday

You are invited to the UK’s largest and widest spread Sandcastle building party. Involving your family and friends will make it all the more fun!

Full Moon dip

Dip during one of the five full moon rises.  Furthermore, double-dipping on these days counts as two for your total.  Great to get your tally up if you need it.

Doggy Dip

Many of us love to swim with our four-legged friends so here's a dip especially for them. Lots of waggy tails now!

Movember Moustache

You can wear a stick on moustache, grow one, or decorate yours; to raise awareness of testicular and prostate cancers

Cake Sunday

Are you ready for this? Indeed, this is a difficult challenge. In other words, you must eat cake… perhaps with a twist?

50 days down

How will you celebrate being a third of the way through the Challenge? Surely, you can do something different! What are you going to try?

 Christmas Hat day

Have you a Christmas hat  that you would like to wear when you dip? In other words, anything to make you feel festive. Happy Christmas!

New Year’s fancy dress Dip

Today we dip in whatever fancy dress you like! Stick your fancy dress outfit on – after all, it is New Year, and we are entitled to be a little mad! Your outfit is totally your choice!

bonfire and s'mores

It’s the fifth of November so let’s get those marshmallows toasted on a bonfire and squish them between two chocolate digestives. Oooh what about a sparkler or two…

Barbie and Ken Dip

Celebrate all of those wonderful women and men in your life by getting dressed up, eating pink cake, bleaching your hair like Ken or whatever you like!

Whacky Hair Day

Do you dye it? Do you spray it? Do you gel it like a ‘punk’? Princess Leah style?
How are you going to ‘Whack-up’ your hair?

100 Days Down

How will you celebrate being two thirds of the way through the Challenge? In other words we are challenging you to do something fun! 

celebrate the mer-flick 

Let's do the mer-flick with your hair or beard! We all know mermen and mermaids exist so let's show everyone. In other words, wear your best 'mer' outfit!

hats and lippy

So this one, you can make, borrow or buy a hat to wear. You can get a fab charity shop find or knit one yourself? What about a daft one made out of papier mache?

final dip-go somewhere new

So, let’s end the fantastic challenge by dipping somewhere different to our usual spot. Push the boat out.
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