Charitable Causes

Chatter Challenge Charities

By doing The Chatter Challenge, you are automatically contributing towards two of Chatter’s chosen charitable causes, which are currently Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and Sea Shepherd UK. We will continue to support them for 2022/23. See the FAQ section for further details.

Other Charitable Causes

Many of The Chatter Tribe raise money for their chosen charitable causes during the duration of The Chatter Challenge. To raise money for a charity close to your hearts gives you an additional incentive to keeping swimming/dipping over the winter period. Perhaps you will obtain sponsorship per dip/swim over the winter period or simply by being brave enough to enter cold open water.

Impress everyone to raise more for your charity

Furthermore, your antics in doing the Challenge, will impress so many people that charities will benefit! Many charities have had their income streams dry up due to the challenging times that came with the pandemic. They will look in wonder at the amazing photos you add to the Facebook Daily Dipdates and see how much you are enjoying yourself!

Significant amount of money raised for UK charities.

The following Chatterers raised a significant amount of money doing the Challenge during the 2021/22 winter season:

  1. Jacqueline Wood – St Oswald’s Hospice, Newcastle upon Tyne
  2. Mandy Whelan – PAPYRUS (Prevention of young suicide)
  3. Jess Duff – Sea Shepherd UK
  4. Andrea Foster-Lynas – SANDS
  5. Andrea Foster-Lynas – Breast Cancer UK
  6. Andrea Foster-Lynas – Endometriosis UK
  7. Barbara Cornfoot – Tynemouth Seal Hospital
  8. Alexia Hutchinson Lee – Tynemouth Seal Hospital.
  9. Louise Silverton – Refuge UK
  10. Joanne Sime – Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal

Charities express their thanks

It is a fantastic achievement to not only have completed the Chatter Challenge but to separately impressed so many of your friends, family and colleagues, that they gave you money too! It is a wonderful achievement to receive thanks for your chosen charity.

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