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Meet Jacqui at Chatter Challenge

Jacqui at Chatter Challenge
Hi I'm Jacqui at Chatter Challenge. I started open water swimming in the summer of 2020. As soon as I realised that I loved it, I felt that I needed an incentive to continue through the winter. When others said that they needed it too, thus, the Chatter Challenge was created.  

Consequently, due to how much fun the Tribe had over that first winter season, we realised that there was a place for it in the winter open water swim/dip challenge world. 

It is an exciting challenge which runs from 1st November to the 31st March (unless you do the Ultimate 365-day  challenge) encompassing fun, friendship, community, raising money for charity and superb free kit.  The idea is to dip as often as you can over the five month winter period.

The Chatter Challenge

You can either swim, swimble, dip, body board or play in the waves.  Simply join in with the tribe and build your community. 

The Chatter Tribe welcomes all abilities and thrives on 

* smiles
* kindness
* encouragement
* support. 

Furthermore, there is no set distance to swim, or minimum time to spend in the water.


There are four subscriptions:

Firstly, 'The Original' (swimsuit/shorts)
Secondly, 'All Wetsuits' (wetsuits can be worn)
Thirdly, 'A Mixed Bag' of all things cold water (e.g. showers/bath and open water).  
Finally, we have the Ultimate Challenge  which is 365 days in open water. 

Head over to the FAQ section for more information.

We also recently launched the Chatter Wellness Day Retreats which are based in Tyne and Wear. 
Details of each one can be found in the SHOP area.  This is where you can sign up to the retreats/challenge and purchase additional safety equipment. 
We are inclusive and aim to inspire and motivate you to push yourself and each other to safely dip as often as you can during winter.

Log your dip via your dashboard and you are encouraged to share photos of your exploits on the daily dipdate on the Facebook page for us all to enjoy.  This helps to build our UK-wide community.

Remember, if something doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Best of luck - I can’t wait to share your journey.

Jacqui Croskery

Please connect with us on Facebook and if you would like to get in contact, please do.
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